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Jessica Simpson: Sweet Kisses

# Title Rating
1. I Wanna Love You Forever 10/10
2. I Think I'm in Love With You   9/10
3. Where You Are 10/10
4. Final Heartbreak 9/10
5. Woman in Me 7/10
6. I've Got My Eyes On You 8/10
7. Betcha She Don't Love You 8/10
8. My Wonderful 7/10
9. Sweet Kisses 10/10
10. Your Faith In Me 9/10
11. Heart of Innocence 8/10

The CD starts of strong with 3 straight hits
and a song that should have been a hit also.
Then it slows down into a few songs that are good
but certainly not worth buying the CD for. At
the end it gains back its status as a CD to have
with a strong showing.

Overall CD Rating: 8

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