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Matchbox Twenty: Mad Season

# Title Rating
1. Angry 10/10
2. Black & White People   10/10
3. Crutch 9/10
4. Last Beautiful Girl 8/10
5. If You're Gone 9/10
6. Mad Season 9/10
7. Rest Stop 8/10
8. The Burn 9/10
9. Bent 10/10
10. Bed of Lies 10/10
11. Leave 9/10
12. Stop 7/10
13.  You Won't Be Mine 7/10

Bent has been the only song that has been released
so far and it is a mega hit that is in the top 10 across
the country. More hits are on the way, and from
what I heard the next will be Crutch. This CD is a must
for Matchbox Twenty fans and it good for recruiting
new fans. If you already own the CD, if you haven't
already done so, put it on track 13 and dont shut off
the CD player after it ends. Let it keep playing and
7 minutes and 48 seconds a bonus instrumental begins
playing. It is a cool addition to the CD.

Overall CD Rating: 10

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