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Mandy Moore: Special Edition

# Title Rating
1. I Wanna Be With You 10/10
2. Everything My Heart Desires 9/10
3. Want You Back 8/10
4. The Way To My Heart 9/10
5. So Real (Re-Mix) 7/10
6. Lock Me In Your Heart 9/10
7. Walk Me Home 9/10
8. I Like It 9/10
9. So Real 10/10
10. Candy (Remix) 8/10
11. Your Face 7/10
12.  I Wanna Be With You (Remix)   5/10

I never listened to the first Album she cut
entitled Candy but if it is anything close
to this album it will be worth it's while to
buy. The re-mixes aren't great but all the
original songs are great. I don't quite understand
the reasons for re-mixes. They very rarely are better
and many times they are even worse. Go Figure?

Overall CD Rating: 9

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