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Kid Rock

# Title Rating
1. Bawitaba 10/10
2. Cowboy 7/10
3. Devil Without A Cause 6/10
4. I Am The Bullgod 7/10
5. Roving Gangsta 6/10
6. Wasting Time 5/10
7. Welcome 2 The Party 5/10
8. I Got One For Ya 6/10
9. Somebody's Got To Feel This   6/10
10. Fist of Rage 5/10
11. Only God Knows Why 8/10
12.   Where You At Rock 6/10

I have to be honest and say I like some of Kid Rock's
songs but I don't like the vast majority of them. I quess
it's because I don't like the gangster rap, extreme use of
language, and other lyrics that Kid Rock says. So I like
Bawitaba and Only God Knows Why from this CD and Cowboy is
Ok. But I really don't like the rest of the CD. This so far
has been the only CD I have regretted purchasing.

Overall CD Rating: 6

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