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Slim Shady   10/10   10/10 I don't like cursing in song's but here it didn't bother me.
I quess it's because it is one of the funniest
songs I have heard in a while. It's odd that I like
these songs because I don't really like him that much.
I didn't like a lot of the song's on his album though.
  The Way I Am   10/10 10/10   I love this song, the rhythm the lyrics, pretty much everything.  
It almost shows you what it's like to be Eminem.
And from what I saw I don't want to be Eminem.
Actually I didn't want to be Eminem before this song
but that doesn't matter.
  My Name Is   5/10 N/A   I just don't like this song, at all.  
  Stan   10/10 10/10   The video follows the song well  

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