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Eiffel 65: Europop

# Title Rating
1. Blue 8/10
2. Too Much Of Heaven 8/10
3. Dub In Life 9/10
4. Living In A Bubble 3/10
5. Move Your Body 7/10
6. My Console 8/10
7. Your Clown 9/10
8. Another Race 9/10
9. The Edge 9/10
10. Now Is Forever 8/10
11. Silicon World 9/10
12. Europop 8/10
13. Hyperlink (Deep Down) 8/10
14.   Blue Extended Mix 10/10

You either like them or you hate them, they are Eiffel 65.
I remember liking Blue so much and then I find out
90% of my friends hated it. So if you like Eiffel 65 and
techno music, then this is the CD for you. But if techno
music is the closest thing to scraping your nails on the
chalkboard for you, then don't buy this CD. If you are extremely
religious it might not be the CD for you considering a few songs
have a bad tone when it comes to religion. Living in a Bubble
is the worst offender.

Overall CD Rating: 8

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