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Creed: Human Clay

# Title Rating
1. Are You Ready 8/10
2. What If 8/10
3. Beautiful 8/10
4. Say I 9/10
5. Wrong Way 8/10
6. Faceless Man 8/10
7. Never Die 8/10
8. With Arms Wide Open 10/10
9. Higher 10/10
10. Wash Away Those Years 8/10
11.   Inside Us All 9/10

Responding to the success of Creed's last album they cut a
new record in the form of Human Clay. Powered by the smash hit
Higher this band speaks volumes through it's music. You can sense
lead singer Scott Stapps Christian upbringing through the lyrics.
Creed's latest single With Arms Wide Open is rapidly gaining
popularity. That song is the reason why I bought the CD.

Overall CD Rating: 10

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