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Britney Spears: OOPS!...I Did It Again

# Title Rating
1. OOPS!...I Did It Again 10/10
2. Stronger 10/10
3. Don't Go Knocking On My Door 9/10
4. Satisfaction 8/10
5. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know   10/10
6. What U See Is What U Get 10/10
7. Lucky 10/10
8. One Kiss From You 9/10
9. Where Are You Now 9/10
10. Can't Make You Love Me 8/10
11. When Your Eyes Say It 9/10
12.  Dear Diary 8/10

So far the 2 songs that have been released,
at least in my area, have been hits. I think
more are to come for the so-called Queen of Pop.
All of these songs are very good, and this CD is much
better than the first. It has shown that Britney has
grown up since her last record with more serious songs.

Overall CD Rating: 10

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