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Britney Spears: ...Baby One More Time

# Title Rating
1. ...Baby One More Time 10/10
2. Crazy 8/10
3. Sometimes 10/10
4. Soda Pop 6/10
5. Born to Make You Happy 10/10
6. From the Bottom of My Broken Heart   10/10
7. I Will Be There 9/10
8. I Will Still Love You 8/10
9. Thinkin' About You 7/10
10. E-Mail My Heart 8/10
11.  The Beat Goes On 8/10

All the real hits were released except one. I really
thought Born To Make You Happy would have been a hit.
But 5 hits is good either way, however the version of Crazy
wasn't the version that was released on radio, and I for one
liked the radio version much better. I really didn't like
Soda Pop and I could do without it on the CD.

Overall CD Rating: 9

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