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Bon Jovi: Crush

# Title Rating
1. It's My Life 10/10
2. Say It Isn't So 10/10
3. Thank You For Loving Me 10/10
4. Two Story Town 10/10
5. Next 100 Years 10/10
6. Just Older 10/10
7. Mystery Train 10/10
8. Save The World 10/10
9. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars   10/10
10. She's A Mystery 10/10
11. I Got The Girl 10/10
12.   One Wild Night 10/10

WOW! I had never payed much attention to Bon Jovi
before this album but my mind has been changed. This
is an awesome CD, every song is good. NO EXCEPTIONS!
And for those of you who don't like cursing in songs
there is hardly any. As a matter of fact only Two Story
Town has any swearing in it whatsoever, and even there
it is minor. I recommend this CD to of course Bon Jovi
fans and anybody who likes rock music. I sense another
hall of fame member.

Overall CD Rating: 10 (Perfect Score)

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